Welcome to Book Drought!

Hello, and welcome to Book Drought! Through this blog, I hope to share lots of book-related content for your enjoyment.

Here, you can expect to see:

  • Book Reviews
    • I hope to publish lots of reviews of books I’ve read to help you find what it is you’ll want to read next!
  • Live Blogs
    • Sometimes, I’ll post my live thoughts as I’m reading a book for the first time. These will contain spoilers (quite possibly major ones), so make sure you’ve read the book before!
    • These are lots of fun because you get to watch me suffer enjoy a new story!
      • (I cannot guarantee these will be coherent. I can, however, guarantee they will be hilarous filled with screaming.)
  • Book Photography
    • Photosets of aesthetic covers or character aesthetics can be found here as well!
      • (Any content that I did not create will have the original creator credited)
  • Memes
    • “Memes?” you ask. “What do memes have to do with any of this?” Great question!
  • Recommendation Lists
    • Need just that right book for a day at the beach? How about a winter’s night? A long road trip? Well, I’ve got you covered!
      • (You can recommend books for a list by clicking the contact button in the menu!)
  • And more!

I hope you enjoy this blog. Thanks for visiting!


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